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Please, Click Here Enter Scholar's Stone Gallery        Chinese Scholar’s stone 
                                              also called
                      Gong-shi, Suiseki, & Viewing stone 

In China, collecting and appreciation of Viewing stone can be traced back to the Han dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220). Gong-shi is also called viewing stone, Scholar’s stone or Suiseki.  In the beginning, the larger stones were preferred regarding collection to be used to decorate gardens and courtyards of the upper class and royalty. There are references of some rare and special rocks and stones in poems that date back more than a thousand years ago.  In the Tang and Song dynasties the scholars, artists and aristocrats have appreciated the small stones. The smaller size of the stones enabled the Chinese literary to carry indoors to decorate their 8studies and the scholars were believed the stone from nature is helping for Contemplation, meditating and clear one’s 8mind.                                               
                    In China, there is a saying “a room without a rock or stone would not be elegant.”
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Please, Click Here Enter Scholar's Stone Gallery Please, Click Here Enter Scholar's Stone Gallery Please, Click Here Enter Scholar's Stone Gallery
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